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Workplace Recruitment and Employee Development

Highly accessible and affordable English proficiency test

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Tests can be taken from internet-connected devices, anytime, anywhere, significantly increasing the diversity of test-takers.

Reduced time, stress, and frustration in hiring and learning processes, with an intuitive interface and rapid results.

Assessments can be built based on skills tested, employee groups, periods of time, or any other configuration to adapt to your organization's specialized needs.

Face and eye movement tracking, as well as reading and copying and pasting detection, are only a few of the AI proctoring measures that make this test highly secure.

Tailored benchmarks can be set with the help of our expert pedagogical team, helping test administrators understand the score levels required for their specific goals.

Holistic approach to testing

Essential workplace communication skills such as pronunciation, vocabulary, fluency, and structure are evaluated in depth, showing the full spectrum of proficiency. The test offers several different writing tasks appropriate for different professions. Basic workplace language tests are also available for jobseekers learning English for a working environment.

Workplace Recruitment

Designed for international companies striving to ensure a certain level of English proficiency among future employees.

The assessment is not only affordable and accessible, but also prioritizes clarity over adherence to a specific accent, ensuring that test-takers from all backgrounds have an equal opportunity to apply.

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Employee Development

Designed for international companies striving to ensure a standard of English proficiency among current employees. 

Identify language skills often missed in face-to-face evaluations, and gain insights into individual employee strengths and areas for improvement.

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"Speaknow has helped us prepare our students to reach the standards for International English before they begin their careers."

Jonathan S.

Head of English Department at The College of Management Academic Studies
"One thing we cannot compromise on is the English abilities of the organization. Speaknow provides us with a reliable and convenient solution to integrate English testing into our screening processes. For us, it is crucial for our employees to have an international standard of English"

Tali R.

Partner and Chief People Officer at JVP
"Speaknow’s service is one-of-a-kind, over the course of the years we have been able to increase initial evaluation effectiveness by more than 50% and assessment cost was cut by more than 60%!"

Dafna M.

Head of Talent Acquisition at EY
"Speaknow has been a fantastic choice for tracking our teams’ English speaking skills progress. There's simply no match for the effectiveness, intuitiveness, and user-friendliness of this solution in the market. Their team is on top of our unique needs and consistently goes the extra mile to provide assistance."

Viktor T.

People Development Lead at tbi bank
“The online Speaknow English Proficiency Test is perfect for any college level ESOL program seeking accuracy, efficiency, and affordability in assessing students.”

Joe C.

Intensive English Program (IEP) Coordinator at Eastern Florida State College