16/03/2020 by speaknow

Predicting Success

Recruiting the right candidates for a job is an expensive proposition. On average, companies spend $4500 to hire a single candidate. If that candidate leaves because of a poor fit, that money is wasted. Companies that use strong hiring practices have at least 20% higher retention rates over those who don’t. Having an effective recruiting strategy is clearly essential, but how can companies decide who are the right candidates?

Despite advancements in technology and years of research and development, there is still much debate as to how to assess an individual’s potential. The process varies by industry, company structure and party responsible for finding suitable employees.

So unpredictable is the approach, that often the HR rep must make a “judgment call” based on their “gut” or biased opinion based on their personal experience with the applicant. Even a college diploma isn’t a guarantee that a candidate has the right skills to get the job done.

Regardless of industry, company or location, communication is the most important piece of the puzzle. Increasing numbers of companies use English as the main language of communication. Even among those who use other languages, many companies agree that English proficiency is a necessary skill.

But how to screen tens and hundreds of applicants’ English level? And without wasting dozens of hours of interviewing and minimizing costs?

Enter the Speak English assessment test, a multi-dimensional 10-minute adaptive exam to accurately pinpoint the taker’s level of spoken English. The test covers knowledge about language use, listening comprehension and spoken English skills, accurately measuring key communicative skills such as fluency, vocabulary, pronunciation and accuracy.

All the scores are aligned to CEFR, the most widely accepted international standard of language proficiency. With this test, companies will be able to automatically rate their applicants in half the time, for half the cost!

Using advanced technology and linguistics, the Speak assessment can help you to choose people with the language skills to get the job done. Click here to try the Speak test for free!


Show your potential employer proof of your proficiency.


    Show your potential employer proof of your proficiency.